The IceTech® Xcel 6

A Versatile and Reliable Machine.

Evolve the way you clean your equipment with the enhanced Xcel 6. Designed with advanced operating principles, the Xcel 6 maintains a smooth cleaning performance while enhancing dosing disc operation. With a small footprint and a stainless steel frame, the Xcel 6 is designed to provide a reliable cleaning solution with minimal air requirements.

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The IceTech Series Advantage

Stainless steel frame is built for durability and reliability.

Insulated Lid and Hopper
Ensures minimal dry ice sublimation and a consistent, uninterrupted cleaning.

Easy-adjusting Dosing System
Control dry ice dosage with ease.

User Friendly Control Panel
Easily control blasting parameters.

IceTech Xcel 6 Features

  • Stainless steel body
  • Insulated hopper
  • Allen Bradley safety relay
  • Easy-adjusting dosing system

IceTech Xcel 6 Specifications

Hopper Size 5.9 kg
Dimensions 47.8 x 51.8 x 93 cm
Feed rate 0.3-0.7 kg/min
Weight 54 kg
Air consumption 29-131 CFM (0.8-3.7 m³/min) at PSI ( bar)
Blast pressure 10-145 PSI (0.7-10 bar)
Part # 513028 US / 512834 EU

A varied line of applicators that are designed for comfort, safety and simplicity.

A wide and dynamic line of the industry’s most technologically advanced and efficient nozzles.

A complete range of flexible and durable air and blast hoses.

Other Accessories
Enhance your cleaning experience with accessories that make blasting easier.


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