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Looking for the best dry ice Sydney has to offer? You’ve come to the right place. Australia’s leading provider of dry ice technology and solutions, Cold Jet, operate and offer a number of dry ice services to those living and working in Sydney.

Cold Jet are Sydney and Australia’s leading provider of dry ice blasting equipment. On top of purchasing our range of quality machines, our Sydney customers can also engage the services of our experts for dry ice blasting Sydney. The most reliable dry ice suppliers Sydney has to offer, we’re here to meet the unique demands of your dry ice project.

Our dry ice blasting Sydney services can be engaged for a broad range of applications. We help those who want to purchase dry ice pellets in Sydney, require dry ice cleaning services or want to enquire about hiring dry ice blasting equipment.

Cold Jet’s breadth of experience in the dry ice blasting industry means that we’re able to provide tried and tested, customised solutions for an extensive scope of practices. We prioritise finding dry ice blasting solutions for industrial problems – providing an effective solution for environmental cleaning, surface preparation and parts finishing applications.

Dry Ice Blasting Sydney Services

Cold Jet provide adhesive removal, coatings & corrosion removal, core box cleaning, composite tool cleaning, general equipment cleaning, mould cleaning, historical restoration, parts finishing, remediation, surface preparation and weld line cleaning. Our dry ice Sydney blasting services can be applied to a wide range of industries across NSW.

Dry ice blasting utilises a form of carbon dioxide, where the solid form of carbon dioxide is used at pressure as a non-destructive method for safely cleaning surfaces. Dry ice blasting is a non-toxic, environmentally friendly cleaning solution that relies on small dry ice pellets for the blasting element. These microparticles are blasted at incredible speeds and sublimate on impact; lifting dirt and contaminants off of surfaces. Once the dry ice blasting Sydney process is complete, the cleaning method leaves no chemical or blasting materials behind. Dry ice blasting can remove coatings like varnish, adhesives, soot, coal dust, grease, oil, mould and bitumen.

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Solutions for Every Industry

As well as dry ice blasting services in Sydney, we endeavour to provide a dry ice solution to meet the needs of every industry. We provide dry ice production services for a diverse range of applications, including airline catering, cold chain management, food processing cooling, medical and pharmaceutical shipment cooling, production for blasting and production for resale.

Looking to buy dry ice in Sydney? We can certainly help! As one of the leading dry ice Sydney suppliers, we provide dry ice for sale in Sydney on top of our dry ice blasting, cleaning and production service offerings. Cold Jet also develop and manufacture a line of exceptional quality dry ice production equipment and machines. Our dry ice production Sydney machines are available for any industry that requires ongoing dry ice production. If you’re interested in the benefits of using dry ice but are not sure how it can be utilised in your industry, get in touch with Cold Jet.

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Amazing! fast responses and very friendly and helpful staff!!! BEST PLACE FOR DRY ICE!!!!

Dry ice

Great product. Well priced. Great Service. I would definitely recommend working with Cold Jet Australia.

Operations Surface Preparation

Top quality, robust equipment and fantastic support!

National Operations Manager / Surface Preparation Company

CEO Infrastructure

The guys were really helpful in working out what I needed to do to fix my problem. Great customer service and well priced! Thanks.

CEO / Infrastructure Company

Customer Service

Its always a pleasure to work with Camilo and the team at Cold Jet. Excellent customer service!!!!

Project Manager / Power Generation Services Company


We recently switched to ColdJet from another supplier for our Dry Ice requirements, Cold jet have been excellent to deal with, great customer service, on time delivery and excellent quality, particularly the quality of their Dry ice storage containers is top notch resulting in a lot less wastage as compared to our previous supplier.

Production Manager / Multi-National Food Company


After purchasing a Cold Jet blasting machine a number of years ago we have had great success with improving the cleanliness of our large food manufacturing site. The effectiveness of dry ice cleaning is amazing, as are the results. The team at Cold Jet are great to deal with and we’ve had the pleasure of using their services and dry ice for the past 3 years. I would highly recommend them for anyone looking at using dry ice cleaning.

Quality Manager / Multi-National Bakery

Spec Savers

As a company, Spec Services has worked closely with Cold Jet on two projects to date. I have found the CJ team both helpful and professional in their approach and the results achieved were outstanding. Moving forward, we will use this methodology on a greater scale in 2020.

General Manager / Spec Services

Blasting Services

Been using Cold Jet as our preferred supplier of dry ice supplies/equipment for over 2 years now. Couldn’t recommend them highly enough for their level of professionalism, client relations and proactive attitude across the board. Will be using Cold Jet for all our dry ice requirements for the foreseeable future!!

Project Manager / Specialised Blasting Services Company

Frequently Asked Questions About Dry Ice in Sydney

What Are the Benefits of Dry Ice Blasting?

The benefits of relying on a dry ice Sydney professional are plentiful. When compared to alternatives to dry ice cleaning Sydney, dry ice is the most efficient, seamless and effective choice. The technological advantages of our dry ice machinery mean that each system provides an unparalleled experience; between exceptionally high cleaning speeds and easy operation, dry ice blasting is a solution that meets every demand of any industrial and commercial application. Here are some of the main benefits of dry ice blasting:

Increased Efficiency 

Dry ice blasting Sydney is an incredibly efficient cleaning process. Our dry ice cleaning Sydney reduces downtime, eliminates the need for cooldown and assembly, and ultimately, leads to an increased, more efficient production time.


Dry ice cleaning Sydney relies on a soft media that does not harm substrates. The non-abrasive factors of dry ice blasting mean that there is reduced equipment wear and tear -surfaces are gently cleaned, and damage from the use of grinding wheels, scrapers, steel brushes and equipment alike is avoided.

Environmentally Friendly

As dry ice is made from CO2 and does not add additional CO2 to the atmosphere, dry ice cleaning and blasting is a completely environmentally responsible solution. Dry ice also does not produce any secondary waste residue, streams or moisture, and the process is non-toxic and non-conductive. Not only is dry ice cleaning environmentally friendly, but dry ice pellets are a food-grade media and is safe for all commercial use.

The sheer strength of dry ice blasting, in combination with the ease of the process, makes the service highly desirable for industries that require a high standard of hygiene and cleaning.

Can I Enquire About Dry Ice Production?

We endeavour to provide a solution for every application, in all industries across Sydney. These are the main applications that we provide dry ice production services for:

  • Airline Catering
  • Cold Chain Management
  • Food Processing Cooling
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical Shipment Cooling
  • Production for Blasting
  • Production for Resale

Where Can I Buy Dry Ice in Sydney?

As one of the leading dry ice Sydney suppliers, we provide dry ice for sale in Sydney on top of our dry ice blasting, cleaning and production service offerings. We understand that the appeal of dry ice extends far beyond cleaning in today’s world – that’s why we offer dry ice across both Sydney and Australia.

We can provide the best dry ice pellets Sydney has to offer. We are pleased to present the highest density of dry ice for sale in Sydney and Australia. As the most reliable dry ice supplier Sydney has to offer, our dry ice solutions are available for wholesale, commercial, education, retail and recreational uses. We rely on the highest quality dry ice storage boxes for transportation and can have your dry ice purchases delivered to your door, wherever you’re located in Sydney.

How Much Does Dry Ice in Sydney Cost?

Dry ice Sydney costs will largely depend on the application, equipment needed, and the dry ice project involved. For example, the dry ice Sydney costs for blasting and cleaning services will vary, depending on the surfaces that need to be cleaned and the work required. When it comes to dry ice in Sydney prices, the size, amount and the application will determine the dry ice costs. At Cold Jet, our dry ice prices are completely tailored to the individual requirements of each project. If you’d like to learn more about where to buy dry ice and the dry ice Sydney costs at Cold Jet, get in touch with our friendly team today.

Why Choose Cold Jet for Dry Ice Sydney?

Cold Jet are Australia’s leading dry ice solutions company. If you’re looking for the best dry ice suppliers Sydney, you’ve come to the right place. An international dry ice technology organisation, we provide the most advanced solutions for dry ice cleaning, surface preparation, parts finishing and dry ice production systems in the world. We’ve been in the industry for more than 30 years, and are committed to providing leading, pioneering, cutting-edge dry ice Sydney solutions to meet a wide range of applications.

Cold Jet believes in driving solutions, while protecting the environment. By prioritising developing inert, non-conductive, non-corrosive and safe equipment that does not produce hazardous waste, we believe we’re paving the way for a safer, cleaner and more sustainable future. From our non-abrasive, gentle cleaning and blasting solutions, to our exceptional dry ice production line; protecting the environment is a core component of everything that we do.

Our mission has always been and will continue to be to deliver value by providing high-quality dry ice solutions to an extensive scope of applications and industries. Leading the way in dry ice Sydney services, we endeavour to find the perfect dry ice answer to each unique industrial and commercial demand.

What Industries Do Cold Jet Work With?

Cold Jet service and engage with a wide scope of industries across Sydney and Australia. Our diverse client portfolio means that we can customise dry ice solutions to meet an extensive variety of applications across Sydney. The main industries that we service include:

  • Aerospace and Aviation
  • Automotive
  • Contract Cleaning
  • Engineered Wood
  • Food and Beverage
  • Foundry
  • Medical Device
  • Mining
  • Oil and Gas
  • Packaging
  • Plastics and Composites
  • Power Generation
  • Printing
  • Public Transportation
  • Restoration and Remediation
  • Rubber and Tires
  • Textiles

Can’t see your industry? Don’t fret. This is just a primary list of the industries that we typically service. Get in touch with our friendly team of experts, and we’ll let you know if we can provide a dry ice Sydney solution for you and your organisation.

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It’s no secret that Cold Jet are one of the country’s leading providers of dry ice technology, solutions and equipment. Between our dry ice manufacturing line, our blasting equipment, our rental of such equipment and our fast and reliable delivery of dry ice across Sydney and Australia, we’re the go-to experts when it comes to dry ice in Sydney. Our range of services and experience means that our solutions can be utilised by a diverse range of clients – from aviation to contract cleaning and everything in between, we’re confident we have the highest quality dry ice service for every application in Sydney.

Cold Jet are committed to providing exceptional quality customer service. When you deal with our expert team, you’ll always get honest, reliable, good old-fashioned customer service. We appreciate and love working with every Australian business – from small scale organisations to large corporations, no job is too big or too small for Cold Jet. Get in touch with our team today to discuss your next dry ice Sydney project – we’re available on 1300 COLDJET.


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