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If you’re after the most effective, efficient and powerful adhesive removal dry ice blasting, you’ve come to the right place. Industry leaders in dry ice technology and blasting solutions, Cold Jet tailor their dry ice blasting services to meet the unique demands of any adhesive removal project.

Dry ice blasting for adhesive removal is a faster and more efficient solution to removing adhesive build-up on production equipment than alternative cleaning methods. The low temperature of dry ice weakens the bond between the adhesive and surface, allowing for a more effective removal. Dry ice blasting for adhesive removal is non-abrasive and does not produce secondary waste, which leads to more regular cleaning and prolonged equipment life.

Whether it be labels, glue or adhesives, Cold Jet can safely and effectively remove all types of surface contaminants without damaging any materials. Dry ice blasting is non-abrasive, gentle on surfaces and extremely powerful when it comes to adhesive removal. Our dry ice blasting can removal laminate coating, glue, stickers, labels and any type of adhesive.

Dry ice blasting consists of forcing CO2 pellets at high velocity onto a surface to break down the bond between the adhesive and the surface. The gentle force of dry ice blasting, in combination with the elimination of secondary waste streams, make dry ice blasting for adhesive removal incredibly effective, safe and environmentally friendly.


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Dry ice blasting effectively removes adhesives from
a variety of equipment types in a wide range of industries

  • Glue nozzles
  • Cutter drums
  • Glue assemblies
  • Gripper drums
  • Production and processing equipment
  • Bag-in-box formers

How Does Dry Ice Blasting Work?

There are three primary factors that contribute to the dry ice adhesive removal and cleaning process. The factors include Pellet Kinetic Energy, the Thermal Shock Effect, and the Thermal-Kinetic Effect. In order to better understand the cleaning practice, the process can be broken down into three stages – Impact, Cold, Expansion (ICE).

IMPACT – The impact of pellets creates a kinetic energy effect. The soft dry ice accelerated by compressed air at supersonic speeds.

COLD – The cold temperature of dry ice creates a thermal effect. The low temperature of dry ice (-78.9°C /-109°F) causes the bond to break between the adhesive and the surface.

EXPANSION – The expansion of the dry ice pellets. Dry ice pellets sublimate on impact, expanding in size and removing the contaminants.


Reduce labour costs

Environmentally responsible

Improve product quality and decrease scrap rates

No secondary waste streams

Eliminate caustic and harmful chemicals

Will not damage equipment

Reduce production downtime

Eliminate manual cleaning processes

Prolong equipment life
Significantly reduce replacement costs

Frequently Asked Questions

Cold Jet Australia provide the best dry ice services in Australia. We offer exceptional dry ice blasting, dry ice production, adhesive removal dry ice blasting and the ability for our customers to purchase or hire both dry ice blasting and dry ice production equipment. Whatever your dry ice needs are – we’ve got you covered. We are the most trusted choice for dry ice blasting for adhesives services, whether you’re based in SydneyMelbourneCanberra or anywhere else in Australia.

As such, our experience and expertise in dry ice extends far beyond adhesive removal. Our expert dry ice technicians are highly knowledgeable and are always happy to answer your dry ice questions. Including:

Does Dry Ice Blasting Leave A Residue?

No – dry ice blasting does not leave residue or waste when removing adhesives. Dry ice sublimates upon impact with the surface being cleaned, which results in no secondary waste, no residue and no introduction of moisture. This eliminates extra clean-up, disposal of secondary waste streams and additional cleaning preparation, such as masking delicate sensors or wrapping electronic components before cleaning. This significantly reduces the duration of cleaning projects and the resulting shutdowns.

With no secondary waste produced, this also means equipment can be cleaned while online and still operating.

What Are the Benefits of Using Dry Ice?

Due to the unique characteristics of dry ice, it has many benefits that make it an extremely favourable option when compared to cleaning alternatives. The main benefits of dry ice blasting include, but are not limited to:

  • Cleaning equipment in place with little or no disassembly
  • Dry cleaning with no water or chemicals
  • Reducing downtime associated with cleaning
  • Cleaning without secondary waste
  • Improving product quality and reducing scrap
  • Eliminating equipment wear and tear
  • An environmentally responsible cleaning method

How Is Dry Ice Eco-Friendly?

Believe it or not, dry ice blasting is the ideal solution for those looking for an environmentally friendly cleaning solution. Here’s why:

Dry Ice Uses Reclaimed CO2

All dry ice used in the dry ice blasting process for adhesive removal is made from reclaimed CO2, which is a by-product of other industrial processes. This CO2, which would have otherwise been released into the atmosphere, is captured and given new life as dry ice. Dry ice blasting does not produce or emit additional CO2 into the atmosphere.

Dry Ice Blasting Eliminates Harmful Secondary Waste

When the dry ice impacts the surface being cleaned, it sublimates – turning directly from a solid to a gas—and thus does not produce secondary waste. Similar cleaning techniques leave behind a residue that must be cleaned up afterwards, along with the offending contaminant. This media can become hazardous and create downstream contamination and harm the surrounding area and installations. Say goodbye to secondary wastes with dry ice blasting for adhesive removal and equipment cleaning.

Dry Ice Blasting Is Non-Toxic

Dry ice blasting for adhesive removal is non-toxic and eliminates the need for chemical solvents in industrial cleaning processes. The dry ice used in the dry ice blasting process is a food grade media and is EPA, FDA and USDA approved for use around food manufacturing. It is colourless, tasteless, odourless and non-toxic.

What Else Can Dry Ice Be Used For?

In the case of adhesive removal dry ice blasting, the technique is extremely effective for glue, label and adhesive removal and surface cleaning. Due to the plethora of benefits of using dry ice blasting, the practice can also be used for a wide range of solutions, including:

  • Coating & Corrosion Removal
  • Composite Tool Cleaning
  • Core Box Cleaning
  • Equipment Cleaning
  • Historical Restoration
  • Adhesive removal
  • Part Finishing
  • Surface preparation
  • Surface Preparation
  • Weld Line Cleaning
  • Dry Ice Manufacturing for Airline Catering
  • Dry Ice Cooling in Food Processing

How Does Dry Ice Blasting Save Time?

Dry ice blasting, particularly for adhesive removal, is incredibly time-efficient when compared to other cleaning methods. This is due to a significantly faster process that leads to minimised downtime and an increase in productivity. A reduction in labour and the lengthy processes that typically come with adhesive removal mean that adhesive removal dry ice blasting is incredibly time saving and efficient. The lack of clean up, secondary waste and elimination of the need to relocate and disturb equipment also contribute to dry ice blasting saving time.

Which Industries Use Dry Ice?

At Cold Jet, we work with a wide range of industries that require the assistance of dry ice blasting, dry ice cleaning, dry ice production and dry ice manufacturing equipment. We also deliver leading dry ice training to those who frequently work with dry ice materials.

Covering all aspects of dry ice, we strongly believe that we can provide a solution for almost every industry with our industry-leading technology. Over the years, we have acquired an extensive and diverse portfolio of clients, showcasing our breadth in dry ice solutions. Here are the main industries that we typically work with at Cold Jet:

  • Aerospace and Aviation Industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Contract Cleaning Industry
  • Engineered Wood Industry
  • Food and Beverage Industry
  • Foundry Industry
  • Medical Device Industry
  • Mining Industry
  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • Packaging Industry
  • Plastics and Composites Industry
  • Power Generation Industry
  • Printing Industry
  • Public Transportation Industry
  • Restoration and Surface preparation Industry
  • Rubber and Tires Industry
  • Textiles Industry

Why Choose Cold Jet for Adhesive Removal Dry Ice Blasting?

As one of Australia’s longest-running providers of dry ice solutions, we really are the experts when it comes to adhesive removal dry ice blasting. We’re an Australian owned, reliable and reputable dry ice company that prides itself on its exceptional services and products. We are passionate about dry ice blasting for adhesives and using our state-of-the-art dry ice technologies to provide solutions. Our experienced, knowledgeable and friendly Australian team will always go above and beyond to ensure your required needs are both met and exceeded.

If you have any questions, queries, or would like to talk to one of our dry ice specialists, please do not hesitate to get in touch today. Talk to our expert technicians to learn more about what our dry ice technology can do for you.


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