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Cold Jet are pleased to provide exceptional dry ice solutions to meet a wide range of industrial applications. With offices in Sydney and Melbourne, we are passionate about using dry ice technology to solve problems. Our dry ice blasting applications cover a variety of industries – using our exceptional technology to solve real-world, industrial and commercial problems.

Cold Jet are the global leader in environmentally responsible cleaning, surface preparation, parts finishing and dry ice manufacturing systems. Our breadth of experience in the dry ice blasting industry means that we’re able to provide tried and tested, customised solutions for a diverse portfolio of clientele. Specialising in dry ice blasting for cleaning, our technology can also be used for gentle surface preparation, remediation projects and part finishing projects.

Dry ice blasting applications offer a revolutionary new way to effectively clean surfaces, in a powerful, efficient and environmentally friendly fashion. Dry ice blasting can be tailored to the unique demands of your project. Our exceptional dry ice blasting technology utilises carbon dioxide, where the solid form is pressurised as a non-destructive method for safely cleaning surfaces.

At Cold Jet Australia, we deliver value by providing dry ice technology solutions for a broad range of applications and industries. We accomplish this by delivering products and services that reduce operating costs, improve product quality and increase productivity. As industry leaders, our knowledge and experience help customers by providing the most effective solution that can be relied on to produce results, safely and efficiently.

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Tailored Dry Ice Blasting Applications

The nature of dry ice blasting means that the practice can be utilised in a wide range of applications. Cold Jet are proud to deliver dry ice blasting applications that can be customised to meet a variety of demands for each unique project. Our extensive collection of advanced dry ice technology means that we can tailor our blasting to ensure you’re getting the most out of dry ice. Do you need precise, gentle and delicate dry ice blasting for remediation or parts finishing? Or are you after a more aggressive approach for cleaning of your industrial or agricultural equipment? Either way, we’ve got you covered.

Cold Jet Australia work with a wide range of organisations to deliver exceptional, industry-leading dry ice blasting applications. Our dry ice cleaning services are non-abrasive, safe and will remove all stubborn adhesives, grime and particles to keep equipment sparkling clean, free from contaminants and operating seamlessly.

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Learn More About Dry Ice Blasting Applications

Adhesive Removal

Dry ice blasting can be used to remove stubborn adhesive build-up on production equipment effectively. Faster and more efficient than traditional adhesive removal practices, dry ice cleaning is incredibly powerful and will remove adhesives within no time. The low temperature of dry ice weakens the bond between the sticky adhesive and the surface, enabling effective and prompt removal.

Coatings & Corrosion Removal

Dry ice blasting can effectively remove and clean surfaces with coatings and corrosion. When used correctly, dry ice can remove and clean coatings, paint, corrosion and rust from surfaces. Depending on the contaminant and the surface, dry ice blasting may also be used with an abrasive to remove stubborn paint and similar coatings. Ideal for industrial and large-scale commercial projects, dry ice cleaning for coatings, corrosion and rust removal is incredibly effective.

Composite Tool Cleaning

The raw materials of composite tools can be effectively and seamlessly cleaned with dry ice blasting. Non-abrasive and gentle on mould casting surfaces, dry ice blasting is ideal for composite tools. It protects the critical dimensions and geometric shapes of parting lines, sealing surfaces, and mould surface finish. The nature of dry ice blasting means there is no wear on any composite parts, even after continuous and reoccurring cleaning services.

Core Box & Mould Cast Cleaning

Pristine core boxes and mould castings can easily be achieved with dry ice blasting. The build-up of resin, sand and other contaminants can prevent core materials from solidifying, and cause clogging in core box equipment. Ideal for foundries, dry ice blasting allows for effective core box cleaning without moving or disturbing the equipment. Similarly, dry ice blasting is extremely effective when it comes to cleaning moulds and mould castings. There is no secondary waste created, and core box and mould cast cleaning with dry ice blasting is non-abrasive and extremely efficient.

General Equipment Cleaning

Dry ice blasting is the perfect solution for general equipment cleaning. Gentle and non-abrasive, dry ice blasting is strong enough to remove all dirt, grime and contaminants from general industrial equipment. Dry ice blasting cleans all production and ancillary equipment without damaging services, creating any secondary waste and causing any harm to workers or the environment.

Historical Restoration

Dry ice blasting delivers a safe and effective solution for historical restoration and cleaning. The nature of dry ice blasting means that the process can effectively clean and restore historical items in a fraction of the time of alternative practices. Using the correct technology, dry ice blasting is non-abrasive and will not damage the delicate surfaces common in historical restoration. What’s more, the lack of chemical usage means there is no risk of further damage to delicate surfaces or items.

Mould Removal

Dry ice blasting has been proven to be the most effective mould removal solution, reducing mould remediation time significantly on each project. When blasted with CO2, mould bacteria are immediately removed upon contact, causing the contamination to shrink and detach from surfaces immediately.

Parts Finishing

Dry ice blasting provides a faster, more uniform and efficient solution to parts finishing. Dry ice effectively removes burrs and flash from machines and moulded parts, leading to a higher quality finished parts in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods. The fact that dry ice is non-abrasive and does not create secondary waste means that parts’ geometries are maintained without damage or residual media.


A valuable and efficient dry ice blasting application includes remediation of a property. Whether it be from fire, water or smoke damage, dry ice blasting effectively removes the contaminants, odours and waste caused by fire, moisture or smoke damage. Eliminating the manual cleaning and secondary waste typically resulting from remediation projects, dry ice blasting is much faster, effective and efficient than traditional remediation efforts.

Surface Preparation

Dry ice blasting can safely and effectively prepare surfaces. Eliminating the need for aqueous or chemical solutions for surface preparation, dry ice blasting protects the materials being blasted while also removing heavy contaminants and build-ups on surfaces. Dry ice blasting does not leave residue on surfaces or cause grit entrapment, resulting in higher quality parts and more accurate measurements during testing.

Weld Line Cleaning

Dry ice blasting can also be used to improve the efficiency and accuracy of automated weld lines. When used for weld line cleaning, dry ice blasting eliminates misalignment, breakdowns and scraps by effectively removing weld slag, spatter, resin, smoke, oil and dampening adhesive build-up from robots, production equipment and ancillary equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Dry Ice Blasting Cost?

The costs of dry ice blasting will depend on the application, the technology required and the scope of the project. The costs for blasting will also vary depending on the surfaces that need to be cleaned and the work required. At Cold Jet, our dry ice pricing is tailored to the individual requirements of each application and project. If you’d like to learn more about Cold Jet’s blasting costs, get in touch with our friendly team today for a quote on your next project.

Is Dry Ice Blasting Safe?

Yes, dry ice blasting is safe, non-toxic and non-flammable. Dry ice is so safe that it is EPA, FDA, and USDA approved for commercial use around food.

How Does Dry Ice Blasting Save Time?

Dry ice blasting can be a significantly quicker process that leads to a reduction in downtime and an increase in production time. Our advanced technology reduces the manual labour required to clean surfaces, especially those that may have underlying layers of dirt, grime and grease.

Why Choose Cold Jet?

There are a number of reasons our customers choose Cold Jet over competitors:

Capability: We have an extensive team of professionals with many years of experience in operating advanced dry ice machines across Australia. Our team have certifications in confined spaces, elevated work platforms and an extensive range of specific skills that allow for safe and reliable dry ice blasting and production. We are also the only manufacturer of dry ice and equipment in Australia to offer engineered solutions.

Technology: We have the latest and most advanced equipment and the highest quality dry ice that is available in Australia. Our dry ice blasting equipment features unparalleled technology and can be used in a variety of industries and applications. 

Quality: The advanced technology that Cold Jet have gathered allows our technicians to produce dry ice pellets that are more effective at removing dirt and grime from surfaces.

Cleanliness: We maintain a high standard of cleanliness for our machinery and tools to ensure the high quality of our service continues.

Efficiency: The reduction in manual labour when you choose dry ice blasting solutions means that you can save time, money and effort than choosing an alternative method and traditional cleaning practices.

Safety: Dry ice is safe and non-toxic, which means that it is food grade media and is EPA, FDA, and USDA approved for use around food in private and commercial kitchens.

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We beat other dry ice blasting companies because we have a capable team that not only offer dry ice blasting solutions, but we offer leading equipment and dry ice manufacturing services as well. Between our dry ice manufacturing line, our blasting equipment, our rental of such equipment and our fast and reliable delivery of dry ice across Australia, we’re here to provide the best solution for your requirements. Get in touch with our friendly team to find out more about our dry ice blasting applications – we’re available on 1300 COLDJET.


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