Expanding on our desire to provide the most environmentally friendly industrial cleaning solutions, Cold Jet Australia is proud to introduce the Farrow brand and Ecoprocote brand to our range of products and services.




The Farrow technology takes our industrial cleaning capabilities to another level through the addition of an abrasive blast media. The Farrow system uses an environmentally friendly recycled glass media in conjuction with low pressure compressed air to provide a dust free blast solution capable of providing a Class 2.5 finish. The dust is controlled by adding a small amount of water to the blast stream which creates just 20-40L of waste material per hour. If you are concerned about water and rust, a specially developed rust inhibitor has been developed that can be added to the water to take care of that, and this system doesn't leave residue behind to cause problems with coatings. The system has been approved by all the major paint/coating manufacturers.

Call us to discuss the benefits that the Farrow system can bring to your operation. A very popular application is the preparation of welds for Non-Destructive Testing (NDT).




The Ecoprocote line of products is a fabulous initiative in making the building industry more sustainable. Ecoprocote specialise in advanced chemical engineering to use renewable resources and recycled content to reduce or eliminate petroleum based products. Their goal being to replicate or out perform those conventional products. The products are also designed to save time and material and to lower the carbon footprint of the industry. With benefits to installers being; lower exposure to hazardous materials, reduced labour costs, and of course increasing visibility as an environmental leader in the field.

Ecoprocote currently make:

- Concrete and wood coating systems

- Concrete and wood cleaners, and

- Environmentall friendly/safe paint and graffiti strippers


For more details on any of these products please give us a call on 1300 COLDJET (+61 2 9600 9570). Naturally all these products are used where possible by our industrial cleaning teams.