Cold Jet dry ice production equipment produces the purest dry ice available.


Cold Jet equipment has been specially engineered to produce the highest density extruded dry ice available. Cold Jet dry ice has a longer shelf life, better transportability, and offers better blasting aggression.


Cold Jet pelletisers can be equipped with multiple die sizes to produce various extrusion sizes. From small 3mm pellets up to 19mm nuggets, Cold Jet pelletisers offer a broad range of solutions.

Superior Cold Jet benefits include: 


  1. Fully automated, one-button operation
  2. Designed for 24/7 Operation
  3. Open frame quick maintenance
  4. Made to UL, USDA, FDA, CE standards.


Cold Jet's made-to-order and customisable product line is simple to operate, offering one-button start-up and shut down with no nurturing or adjusting, and are the only systems in the world that produce dry ice via a true extrusion method. Cold Jet are the only company to claim - and have references to support - true 24/7 production ability, and reliability.


Cold Jet offers dry ice pelletisers with capacities ranging up to 1090kg per hour from a single unit. As well as dry ice reformers, to form dry ice into varying sized slices or blocks, Cold Jet also produce a smaller block press that presses dry ice into the perfect sized block for our block shaving blast systems, and we can also provide a small dry ice machine for labrotory use off a CO2 gas cylinder.


For more detail on Cold Jet's range of dry ice production equipment please click through to our Dry Ice Manufacturing Systems Catalogue. Cold Jet LLC also have a Custom Engineering department that can put together any combination of Engineered systems to provide a turnkey dry ice production, and blasting system. 



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