Cold Jet innovation offers powerful, environmentally responsible dry ice blast cleaning solutions that reduce operating costs and improve production quality. Cold Jet's patent protected Radial Feeder, and patented MERN technology in the blast nozzles ensure that Cold Jet equipment will always offer the greatest cleaning efficiency possible. The below are the current range of Cold Jet dry ice pellet blasting machines, their brochures and catalogues.


Many of the below models include Cold Jet's patented SureFlow System which reduces sublimation and ensures reliable flow of dry ice, providing non-stop, hassle-free cleaning.

Couple that with trigger-activated hopper agitation, Super Multilayer Insulation, 360° turning radius, and flat-free wheels and the Cold Jet equipment will let you clean like never before.


Unique Features

  • SureFlow System
  • Patented isolated hopper design
  • Advanced space-age hopper insulation (dramatically slows ice sublimation)
  • Sealed hopper/lid design
  • Patented, industry leading feeder design
  • Trigger-activated hopper agitation
  • 360° radius mobility
  • All terrain, no-flat wheels
  • Hose and nozzle management devices
  • Optional 5 year extended warranty




 Cold Jet Aero 40

Brochure: Aero40 Brochure

Catalogue: Aero40 Catalogue




 Cold Jet Aero 40 HP

Brochure: Aero40HP Brochure

Catalogue: Aero40HP Catalogue




 Cold Jet Aero 80

Brochure : Aero80 Brochure

Catalogue: Aero80 Catalogue




 Cold Jet Aero 80 HP


Brochure: Aero80HP Brochure

Catalogue: Aero80HP Catalogue



AeroC100 Pneumatic

 Cold Jet Aero C100

Brochure: Aero C100 Brochure

Catalogue: AeroC100 Catalogue





Aero V

Brochure: AeroV Brochure

Catalogue: AeroV Catalogue



Nozzle catalogue

Catalogue: Aero Nozzle Catalog


Don't forget the precision block shaving range of equipment

Cold Jet i³ MicroClean