Cold Jet Australia Pty. Ltd. introduced dry ice cleaning to Australia in 1994. We have been providing contract cleaning services ever since. We have worked with many of Australia's largest companies and Australia's leading manufacturers. You don't earn repeat business from these organisations unless you offer safe, reliable, efficient service. Time after time.


We have cleaned hundreds of printing presses, spent hundreds of hours cleaning food production equipment, worked on many power generation outages on mines and power stations. We have cleaned cars and boats, factories and garages, electrical equipment, glass, building facades, and a whole range of industrial equipment. Our equipment has been used on nuclear sites, and luxury yachts. Our crews and equipment have worked in every state of Australia as well as New Zealand. 


I think you get the picture, if you are looking for the most experienced contract cleaning team in the country then you have come to the right place. We have ticketed operators for Confined spaces, Elevated Work Platforms, Forklift, and a whole range of other specific skills. Have a look at the attached gallery to see some of our work, but by all means give us a call, we will always provide the best advice for your application. We not only provide the contract cleaning service, but we sell and rent the blast equipment as well, so you can rest assured that you will be getting the best advice for your unique situation.




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