Cold Jet Australia Pty. Ltd. offers a wide range of products and services; we are the Australian distributor of Cold Jet's world leading dry ice blasting equipment, we supply the highest density dry ice Australia wide, we rent dry ice blasting equipment and other associated equipment, and we offer industrial cleaning services.


Power generation 1 - WM.jpgCold Jet Australia Pty. Ltd. introduced dry ice blasting to Australia in 1994, and have provided contract cleaning services ever since. We offer the largest rental fleet of dry ice blasting equipment in the region so we can support you while you are initially trialling the equipment, and we can support you for those big projects when you need additional equipment short term. We can also offer short and long term finance on all our equipment.  across the region.


We supply the highest density dry ice available, in the worlds best dry ice storage boxes. We regularly have dry ice boxes returned to us with dry ice still in them 2 weeks after they left our plant. 


We also supply and support Cold Jet's dry ice production equipment; and provide operator training on all our equipment. 


If you are looking for Australia's best dry ice support team, you have come to the right place.


The most important point we must get across to anyone that hasn't used dry ice blasting equipment before, is; if you are considering another brand of equipment, you MUST get all the equipment together for a head-to-head trial.

Same time, same place.

Dry ice equipment is NOT all the same, and you can't make a (good) decision, based on brochures and pricing alone. The efficiency of any equipment can only be proven with an actual trial and we welcome the opportunity to put our equipment up against the competitors.

The competitors on the other hand, will do and say anything they can to avoid exactly that!

Make sure you buy the most reliable and efficient equipment that will save you money every time you use it.