Reduce cleaning time by up to 80% with the Cold Jet Cryogenic Cleaning Process


Cold Jet offers restoration contractors a cleaning method that creates value for their business. No other cleaning method can uncover the detail and intricacies of historic structures with the efficiency and cleaning ability of a Cold Jet cryogenic cleaning system.


Cold Jet cryogenic cleaning leaves no secondary waste streams, provides drastic time savings, and eliminates the use of harsh chemicals and abrasive cleaning methods. No other system will leave the surface with as much Historical integrity as the Cold Jet Cryogenic system; our process is non-abrasive, and uses no chemicals so there is minimal if any change to the structure of the substrate.


Historic Restoration with Cold Jet includes a wide variety of cleaning applications and needs. Restoration contractors are using Cold Jet for lead based paint abatement, smoke damage removal, adhesive removal and reversal of aging effects, just to name a few. Cold Jet has been used in historic church restoration, restoring picture frames at the Art gallery, aging marble statues, a fire damaged home from the turn of the century and many more restoration projects.


Cold Jet cryogenic cleaning is the best cleaning method for restoration projects due to the need for a non-abrasive and chemical-free process in most restoration work. The goal in restoration work is to restore a structure to its original state and to uncover the underlying surfaces of the structure without causing additional damage. Cold Jet allows the restoration contractor to achieve the desired cleaning results, without damaging the substrate. Often, layers of paint and years of aging will hide the original detail on the structure. The only way to uncover this intricate detail work is with Cold Jet, no other cleaning method is able to achieve that level of clean without damaging the substrate. In fact, with Cold Jet, the operator can blast adjacent to marble, glass and onyx without causing any damage to these surfaces.


Architects that specify restoration work will often not allow chemicals or abrasive cleaning methods to be used. Chemicals can leach into stone, such as marble, and abrasive cleaning methods will scratch and scar the surface being cleaned. Both chemical and traditional abrasive cleaning alters the integrity of the very surface the restorers are trying to preserve.


The absence of a secondary waste stream is another attraction to use Cold Jet for restoration work. In a project such as lead paint abatement, it is critical that the removal method be as streamlined and as carefully contained as possible. This can be achieved with Cold Jet.


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