Cold Jet dry ice blasting is capable of cleaning most industrial equipment, machinery, machine tools, curing presses and assembly line equipment without causing damage. Cold Jetting can eliminate significant cleaning downtime and post-cleaning start-up.


The applications that Cold Jet systems can provide a cleaning solution for are endless. Any item that is part of a production process can be cleaned on-line or during production uptime with Cold Jet dry ice blasting. Cold Jet cleaning systems are designed to increase production uptime and increase the productivity of any production process, in fact no other dry ice blasting system will provide an equitable return on investment. Cold Jet systems typically pay for themselves in a matter of months, in terms of lessened scrap product and increased high quality production time.


Cold Jet dry ice blasting systems effectively and efficiently clean mixer and conveyor components, chains and oven bands, as well as hoppers. In addition, Cold Jet can clean on and around hydraulic power units and electrical power and distribution components. Adhesives are easily removed by dry ice blasting, as the low temperature of the blasting process serves to weaken the adhesive bond. Traditional abrasive cleaning methods generate heat and therefore increase the tackniess of the adhesive, thus failing to effectively remove adhesives. Cold Jet dry ice blasting can be very successful in marine maintenance and upkeep as well. Cold Jet removes algae, sea slime and mussels from ship hulls and seawater intake valves far better than water blasting. The Cold Jet system is also very effective in cleaning the mechanical and electrical equipment parts in the engine room.


The containment and disposal of hazardous waste, and the treatment of waste water, is a significant and ever increasing cost. With Cold Jet dry ice blasting, the cleaning media, dry ice, sublimates. Therefore the volume of hazardous/waste materials to dispose of is far less. This particular advantage of dry ice blasting is important in all hazardous cleaning, particularly nuclear decontamination, because any blast media that is used for hazardous cleaning also becomes contaminated waste that needs to be disposed of at an additional expensive cost. 


Cold Jet dry ice blasting systems require less air and less ice than any other dry ice blasting system on the market, saving the customer on lifetime usage costs. Cold Jet equipment is the most reliable for long term operation, and requires the least maintenance of any competitor equipment due to our patent protected feeder system.


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