Reduce cleaning time by up to 60% with Cold Jet Cryogenic Cleaning

A major issue for the foundry and forging industries is the downtime caused when cleaning permanent aluminium moulds, core box vents, semi-solid castings and die casting machines. Typical manual cleaning methods require cool-down, disassemby, unproductive hours of messy, and sometimes dangerous handcleaning, or abrasive blasting, and then reassembly.


Worse still; generally these methods aren't even that effective and can regularly damage the equipment!


Cold Jet cryogenic cleaning offers significant improvements in cleaning times, as the equipment can be cleaned in-place and generally while still hot. This reduces production downtime, reduces potential injury to workers, and potential damage to the equipment.


The Cold Jet process also makes touch up cleaning a breeze! 


Maintenance crews also find that because Cold Jet cryogenic cleaning is a dry, non-abrasive, non-conductive process that leaves no residual media to clean up, it is a great solution for many general maintenance needs. Some of the most common applications include:


  • Cleaning graphite lubricants off die-casting machines.
  • Removing excess grease, dust, ink or carbon off general production equipment and hydraulic power units.
  • Cleaning conveyors without damaging pneumatic devices, bearings or electrical equipment.


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