Electrical industry users, and users of electrical equipment face a constant battle with maintenance, efficiency and equipment uptime. Cold Jet's dry ice cleaning technology meets those challenges by restoring both rotational and stationary electrical equipment to peak performance with dramatically shorter outages.


Due to growing demand for electricity, some equipment such as pad-mounted switchgears, and substations, go without maintenance for extended periods. This results in less efficient operation, and more unplanned outages caused by flashover. Cold Jet's patented radial feed cleaning systems have been designed to support those applications that involve cleaning electrical apparatus so that efficiency is restored with minimal outage.


Cold Jet equipment can:

  • Reduce catastrophic failures
  • Reduce outage time by up to 60%
  • Improve Megaohm readings
  • Increase Polarisation Indices
  • Improve thermal dissipation
  • Remove residues and deposits from voids
  • Eliminate hazardous solvents and secondary waste 


Cold Jet cleaning and our unique dry ice shaving systems can gently clean all electrical wiring insulators and connectors. Recently our cleaning teams have been working in dirty environments such as coal locomotives and mining equipment where all manner of dirt and contaminant can play havoc with electrical systems. Our unique cleaning process quickly and safely removes the contaminants from all delicate areas, significantly reducing the risk of electrical failure, in a fraction of the normal time to clean such environments.


Download our Power Generation brochure here and our electrical case study here.

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