Reduce cleaning time by up to 80%


Cold Jet dry ice blasting has aided in profit generation for many cleaning and surface-preparation businesses. Acquiring and using Cold Jet's patented dry ice blast systems provides a faster and more efficient cleaning method for a variety of industries.


Contract cleaners worldwide tackle a multitude of cleaning applications with the technological leader in cleaning solutions, Cold Jet. The cleaning applications that Cold Jet dry ice blasting systems can service are endless. In fact, no other dry ice blasting company can outfit a contract cleaner with the vast array of nozzles and accessories to enhance their blasting system, which will allow the contractor to meet all of their customer's unique cleaning needs.


Cold Jet's contract cleaning customers find success with their Cold Jet system in the utility industry, the disaster restoration industry, the food industry, the printing industry, the plastics industry and countless other industries. Cold Jet dry ice blasting allows unprecedented cleaning ability to the Electrical industry and around all electrical componentry and sensors. The Cold Jet system quickly cleans and restores building surfaces after years of soil, mould infestation or smoke and fire damage. The contractor no longer has to spend countless man-hours sanding and scraping mould and fire damage off wood. In addition, there is no secondary waste removal associated with Cold Jet dry ice blasting, as the contractor finds with soda and water blasting.


Our contract cleaners find great success in the printing industry as well. The Cold Jet system provides the contractor with superior cleaning capabilities, without having to dismantle the press. Dry ice blasting replaces the use of dangerous solvents, scrapers, chisels and emery clothes. This allows the contractor to save the printing customer on downtime hours, poor printing quality, scrap, and disposal of hazardous waste and solvents.


Cold Jet's contract cleaning customers are experiencing the ability to take on more projects and therefore increase their profits, because of the reliability and speed with which the dry ice blasting systems clean. The Cold Jet systems not only save the contractors on cleaning time, but they also allow the contractor to save money, as they use less ice and air than any other blasting system on the market. The Cold Jet system is engineered purely for reliability and efficiency, which saves both the Contractor, and their Customer, time and money. The Cold Jet dry ice blasting system requires minimal maintenance and allows the contractor to depend on Cold Jet cleaning performance time after time.


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