Cold Jet Australia Pty. Ltd. was established in 1994 with the goal of bringing leading edge environmentally friendly cleaning technologies to Australia. Yes, that was a long time ago that we started caring about the environment, environmental concern certainly wasn't as topical back then as it is now.



The company began primarily as a contract cleaning service while they attempted to educate Australian industry about the benefits dry ice cleaning could offer. 18 years on, Cold Jet Australia is well recognised and regarded as Australia's pioneer, and leading authority on cryogenic cleaning. Cold Jet equipment is now utilised in Australia's leading manufacturing organisations to improve productivity and product quality, improve safety standards, and minimise man hours in cleaning.


Cold Jet Australia sell, service and support Cold Jet dry ice blasting equipment in Australia and New Zealand, we also have a large rental fleet of blast equipment available for short term hire and offer long term rentals as well, many customers prefer to rent the equipment long term and have done so for many years.

We also have the most experienced contract cleaning staff in the country, one of our original contract cleaners is still with us 18 years on; hasn't he seen some development in the technology in that time!


We've provided regular contract cleaning services for some of Australia's leading manufacturers for over 15 years. Our specialised cleaning staff offer cleaning services Nationwide as well as Internationally. Some of our areas of expertise include cleaning Power generation equipment, Food production equipment, and Printing equipment. We have many years of experience in managing jobs on Critical paths for production and power outages, as well as working in fire remediation environments.


We manufacture dry ice on our own premise with specific regard to the highest quality product available. No other dry ice facility has such dedication to the density and quality of the dry ice they provide to the market. High density dry ice offers longer shelf life and maximum cleaning ability.


As the Australian distributor of Cold Jet equipment, we are proud to represent the pioneers of dry ice blasting technology - Cold Jet LLC. Cold Jet LLC commercialised dry ice blasting in the 1980's, and their patent protected system ensures that they remain the leader through superior research, development, technology, and customer service.

In Australia we add nearly two decades of local experience to Cold Jet's world leading technology, and that ensures that our Customers receive the absolute best advice for their unique situation. 

Training and support programs are available for all Cold Jet customers to ensure they stay abreast of the latest developments and improvements.



Cold Jet LLC (USA)

Cold Jet has been pioneering the research and development of dry ice blasting, and setting the standard for quality, performance and reliability in the field for more than 25 years.

Since 1986, Cold Jet has been recognised as the leader in dry ice technology, earning certification from the Canadian Standards Association, the German TUV and the Japanese HPGCL. And in the US Cold Jet dry ice blast systems meet all USDA, FDA and EPA guidelines.

Founded on the idea of creating cost-effective, environmentally responsible and technologically advanced cleaning and maintenance solutions; Cold Jet remains committed to satisfying the growing worldwide demand for advanced dry ice solutions in new and innovative ways. Their past is driving our future. Take a look:

1986 - Cold Jet officially opened its doors in Loveland, Ohio with just 25 employees, one production facility and the desire to turn a great idea into an even better product.

1988 - After putting in a lot of overtime, the world's first patent-protected and industrially certified commercial dry ice blasting product is completed.

1990 - The U.S. Air Force awards Cold Jet a contract to develop dry ice blast cleaning and paint stripping systems.

1992 - The pellet making and pellet blasting systems were separated so the customers could buy dry ice on an "as needed" basis.

1993 - The patented coatings removal process, FLASHJET®, earns the FAA's approval.

1994 - To keep up with increasing demand, international locations capable of supporting RDS product installations in the U.S., Europe, Japan and Australia are developed.

1996 - Aerospace technology was applied to the product, ancillary equipment was all but eliminated, blasting performance was improved, units were downsized, noise was reduced and prices were cut in half.

1999 - Based upon proprietary technology and materials, a family of low-pressure, low-volume blasting nozzles is created.

2001 - The powerful P3000: 4-cylinder Pelletizer hits the market.

2002 - The AeRO series Radial Feed product line and the P325 mini-Pelletizer makes its debut. 

2003 - We take Europe by storm with Cold Jet Europe bvba in Brussels, Belgium. And we acquire Alpheus in California to expand our product offerings.

2005 - Introduction of the i³MicroClean: a revolutionary, new precision cleaning system, that capitalises on Cold Jet's patented shaved ice and feeder technologies, delivering a complete cleaning outcome with an unmatched low cost of ownership.

2006 - Opening of two new locations: Cold Jet Canada, a full-service office providing sales, service, parts and rentals; and an office in New Orleans, LA, providing rental equipment to help in mould remediation efforts for the rebuilding from the hurricanes of 2005.